SSS Bursary

We believe that your background, financial circumstances or level of privilege should have no bearing on your road to success in sport. Utilising some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people, our team work collaboratively with athletes and organisations from communities to enable more social good.

The SSS Bursary is heavily subsidised by our end of year surplus. Where appropriate we also leverage our network within sport and business to secure targeted sponsorship for SSS clients and generate alternative revenue streams to cover the costs of supporting athletes or organisations progress there talent.

The first recipient of the SSS Bursary was Lucy Peaty. Rising American Football star Lucy has been able to “pursue her dreams” thanks to the bursary she received from Sport Society Success Network.
Linebacker Peaty was selected to train with the Great Britain American football side ahead of the 2018 Diamond Series, after dominating at Leeds Carnegie Chargers in the Sapphire Series that same year.
Since then, the 20-year-old has been a prominent feature for the national team. Unfortunately for Lucy and teammates, the current governing body for American Football (BAFA) is low on funding, meaning each player has to pay for their own equipment, kit, travel and training.

Her love for the gridiron sport developed at a young age, with her playing flag football before switching to tackle when she was just 14 years old.
In August 2019, Lucy was selected to represent Great Britain at the Women’s American Football European Championships, and the SSS Bursary allowed her to take part and pursue her dreams.

With aims to compete in the World Championships in 2021, taking place in Finland, and eventually captain the Great Britain side in the future, Lucy is determined to help the sport of American Football grow in the UK.

Lucy attended our annual fundraising day Doncaster Racecourse where money is raised to help the SSS Bursary. Lucy got the opportunity to tell our guests what the bursary did for her as well as handing out the winning prize to connections of one of our sponsored races.