Manchester United Footballer Marcus Rashford has launched an online petition calling for an expansion of the free school meals during the school holidays.

The petition has passed over a million signatures but the motion was rejected in Parliament. SSS believe no child should go hungry and we have expanded our partnership with Fareshare to provide meals to those families most in need.

Young people attending our free boxing sessions were already given a drink and a snack but in response to the news that school meals would not be extended we have doubled our efforts.

We collect the bulk of food from Fareshare at the beginning of the week, then organise it into bags so every package contains a variety of staples that will hopefully just aid in taking the pressure off families struggling at this time. They really vary from packs of rice/pasta, biscuits, beans and cooking sauces.

We plan to keep this running up to the lead up to Christmas until the kids break up from school, the boxing is completely optional and we won’t be running any background checks etc, anyone can claim a package no questions asked.

It’s important this is totally accessible and there’s no embarrassment or fuss around using this service.