Luke Gale and his team have announced they will be working with Elland ARLFC, Bentley ARLFC and Wibsey Warriors. Luke will be helping the clubs in running summer camps, recruitment campaigns in schools, support with funding applications and other ideas which will help them grow.

In January this year Luke launched a search for existing Rugby League clubs across Yorkshire, which he could support. The aim was not necessarily to help the most in need, but more towards making the best possible impact to amateur clubs. This impact will be measured in many ways, young people attending, increased funding for clubs or simply helping to increase the profile of the clubs. For Luke this is not about bringing in a slick looking coaching team but building on the existing foundations of clubs, making them much stronger and more sustainable.

“I am passionate about Rugby League, it’s provided a good life for me and my family, whilst giving me some amazing experiences. I now want to help other amateur clubs, giving young people opportunities to achieve what I have”

This work is being offered to the clubs completely free, Luke and his team are offering their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.